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Video Professional Ideas: Secrets and techniques of the Shallow Water Dropper

Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta, crank out these fantastic how-to movies at a outstanding tempo throughout their annual New Zealand journey. Right here, Dave is casting to a fish holding in very shallow water. When the fish received’t rise to a dry, Dave provides a dropper, however the actually essential half is the adjustment that he makes to make sure a hookup. Right here’s Dave’s description:

There are fish which are going to get caught. This was one. 6 weeks with out a lot rain was tempered by the cooler than regular climate. A fish that has gone into ‘enduring’ mode to get by way of the drought interval, most certainly by shutting down considerably and conserving vitality. We selected this stream as there had been a recent the day earlier than and the water ranges got here up 5″ vertically. This pushed the torpid fish from the deeper slots to the within edge to keep away from present move. Dave shares some ideas to catching it and why the fly modifications and dropper depth are essential and wanted.

When water is low, anglers should alter their techniques, and it’s cool to see how these slight tweaks could make all of the distinction.

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