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Tips on how to Tie Steve Cobb’s Thanksgiving Turkey Fly

The creator’s authentic sample went viral on social media just a few years in the past.
All pictures by Steve Cobb

Steve Cobb’s Santa Fly has been a favourite on this weblog for just a few years now, and he was sort sufficient to point out us tie it a pair years in the past. That submit was such an enormous hit that I requested Steve to return again and stroll us by means of his Thanksgiving Turkey Fly. Whip up just a few of those over the subsequent week, and also you’ll be the star of your vacation gathering!

Steve Cobb lives and fishes in Upstate New York, on the northern fringe of Adirondack Park. You may comply with him on his weblog at

Turkey Fly
Hook: Stainless-steel hook, measurement 1/zero.
Thread #1: Brown, 6/zero.
Physique: Pure brown deer hair.
Wings: Brown or tan delicate hackle saddle feathers.
Legs: Tan round-rubber legs.
Adhesive #1: UV-cure resin.
Tails: Brown or tan delicate hackle saddle feathers, glued at bases.
Adhesive #2: UV-cure resin.
Thread #1: Purple, 6/zero.
Head / beard: Purple zonker strip (1/Eight″ large).
Beak: Yellow sheet foam.
Adhesive #three: Superglue or head cement.
Eyes: 5X tippet and Small black glass beads.
Adhesive #four: Superglue or head cement.
Instruments: Stitching needle

1. Begin thread at hook level and take just a few wraps.

2. Spin clumps of deer hair to about half method up the hook shank…pack it tight.

three. Minimize the underside hair even with hook level.

four. Minimize the highest hair barely longer than backside.

5. Sq. off the edges.

6. Tie in a wing feather on either side of the hook, with the feather ideas pointing barely downward. Trim the corners of spun the hair, to make the physique rounder.

7. Spin some extra deer hair to about three/four up the hook shank, packing it as you go Trim it to mix in being cautious to not lower off a wing. (Curse since you lower off a wing.)

Eight. Fold a size of rubber leg materials in half and tie in on high of hook.

9. Seize the legs and work them again into the trimmed hair, to maintain them out of method.

10. Spin and pack some extra hair till virtually to the hook eye.

11. Put some UV-cure resin on the hair on the topside of the hook and work it upwards together with your finger. (Swear since you’ve acquired glue and feathers and deer hair throughout your finger.)

12. Hit it together with your gentle to treatment it. This creates a base for the tail feathers.

13. Now’s your final good probability to do some closing trimming and shaping. (Curse since you simply lower off a leg.)

14. Make a tail meeting by gluing 5 feathers collectively on the bases. Minimize somewhat notch within the backside middle.

15. Glue the tail meeting to the physique and the hook shank.

16. Spin yet one more bunch of deer hair, and tie it off on the hook eye. It’s best (Ha!) to flip the hook over and spin the hair from the underside aspect.

17. Flip the hook round, clamping the hook eye within the jaws of the vise.

18. Tie off the brown thread, and lower it. Put some UV-cure resin on the hair above the hook and work it upward together with your finger. Hit it with the sunshine.

19. Tie within the crimson thread. Minimize a 1/Eight-inch-wide piece of crimson zonker, somewhat longer than the peak of the physique.

20. Work the fibers down from the disguise, then cut up them.

21. Place the zonker head on high of the hook and tie it in.

22. Tie wraps across the high of the zonker head, like a submit. Tie off with a pair half hitches. (Catch the hook level between the thread and your finger, then tighten.)

23. Trim zonker beard on the underside aspect of the hook.

24. Minimize a triangle from a sheet of yellow foam.

25. Glue the beak to the entrance of the pinnacle.

26 Choose two glass beads of the identical measurement.

27. Thread the bead on a pin and put a drop of glue on the purpose.

28. Place the tip of the needle on the pinnacle and push the bead off the needle.

29. Add the second eye.

30. Trim the legs. Give thanks: you’ve acquired your self a Gobbler Fly.

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