Lakeside Property

Spring Lake Townhomes & Suites in Mason Metropolis close to completion

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operate lee_formatPackage(oService)

operate lee_sortPackages(property)

operate lee_getPackageSettings(sPackage)

operate lee_replacePackageTokens(sPackage, oService, sCol){
var hasPromotion = false;
$.every(oService, operate(okay,v));
if(sCol) sPackage =”, sCol);
return sPackage;

$.getJSON(‘/tncms/subscription/leefalcon/’, operate(oServices){
strive {
var oPackages = [],
oFeatured = false,
sHtml = ”,
sTemplate = $(‘#lee-service-template’).html();

$.every(oServices, operate(i, oService));

if(oPackages.size === zero)


if(!oFeatured) oFeatured = oPackages[0];



$.every(oPackages, operate(i, oService));

$(‘#lee-services-list .packages’).html(sHtml).promise().then(operate(){
$(‘#lee-services-list .physique’).every(operate(){
if( $(this).prop(‘scrollHeight’) zero && oFeatured ){

} catch (e)

window.lee_fetched_services = true;
.fail(operate(jqxhr, textStatus, error));

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