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Fish Info: Grand Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)

Barracuda are a blast to chase with a fly, as they are often aggressive and struggle like hell.
Photograph by Greg Vincent, of H2O Bonefishing 

These fearsome-looking saltwater predators are additionally incredible recreation fish that can usually take an angler deep into his backing and leap many occasions throughout the struggle.

The nice barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) isn’t typically thought of one of many premier saltwater fly rod species—it’s not a part of the flats Grand Slam, as an illustration—and few fly fishers head to the tropics particularly chase this toothy beast. However if you spot one a silvery torpedo mendacity in ambush in a deep slot or tucked into the mangroves, it’s time to choose up a rod rigged with a wire chief and a baitfish sample. Nice barracuda will be maddeningly sullen and cautious—not even reacting to your providing or simply swimming slowly away—however at different occasions they’ll assault a fly with reckless abandon and at nice pace. And that’s when the enjoyable actually begins as a result of barracuda struggle like they imply it.

Vary and Species Historical past
Relying in your supply, there are between 20 and 28 species of barracuda worldwide, and the nice barracuda is the commonest. Sphyraena barracuda is discovered nearly across the globe in near-shore tropical and subtropical seas, particularly the place there are reefs and sea grasses. Within the Western Hemisphere, the species ranges from Massachusetts to Brazil, together with the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, and it is usually widespread within the Japanese Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and all through Micronesia. Nonetheless, the nice barracuda is uncommon or nonexistent alongside the West Coast and within the far-eastern Pacific, though different barracuda species do swim in these waters.

Nice barracuda generally inhabit open ocean and water as much as 100 toes deep, however they’re most frequently discovered round construction—reefs, mangroves, shipwrecks and the like—in shallow water, lower than 50 toes deep. Not a lot is thought in regards to the species’ spawning habits, however mating most probably happens offshore. Juvenile fish cover in estuaries, mangroves, and sea grasses, which affords safety from predators and considerable prey. After two years, the younger fish head for deeper water. They’ll stay as much as 14 years and develop to exceptional proportions; the most important specimens greater than 6 toes lengthy and over 100 kilos.

Nice barracuda are solitary fish, however they’ll college as much as chase prey right into a bait ball. When they’re alone, they depend on shock, pace, and their spectacular tooth to seize prey. The barracuda lies in wait, barely even transferring its fins, till an unsuspecting baitfish swims into the predator’s assault window. Though they aren’t significantly maneuverable and assault in a straight line, nice barracuda are able to quick bursts as much as 35 miles per hour. Two rows of tooth—a row of smaller, razor-sharp chopping tooth on the skin and a row of dagger-like piercing tooth inside—imply the prey has little likelihood as soon as within the barracuda’s jaws. Smaller fish are swallowed complete, whereas bigger fish are reduce into items after which devoured.

My first massive barracuda induced me to fall in love within the species, which places up an unbelievable struggle.
Photograph by Sandy Hays

Risks to People
Due to the barracuda’s spectacular dentition and vaguely shark-like profile, many individuals consider that the species is harmful to people, and tales of barracuda attacking swimmers or divers are fairly frequent. One usually hears that that the fish will assault if a swimmer or diver is carrying flashy jewellery, which supposedly imitates a baitfish. The actual fact is that there have been solely about twenty-five documented assaults by barracuda prior to now century, and nearly all of these contain divers who’re spearfishing or individuals who deliberately invade the fish’s private house. Oftentimes, a barracuda tries to steal a spearfisher’s fish, and a battle ensues, throughout which the human receives some lacerations. Anglers, snorkelers, and swimmers actually don’t have anything to worry. Watch your fingers whereas eradicating a fly, although.

Eat at Your Personal Threat
Though your possibilities of being attacked by a barracuda are virtually nil, the species does trigger hurt to 1000’s of people all over the world per 12 months—by poisoning them. The barracuda is on the high of the CDC’s listing of predatory fish that shouldn’t be consumed due to the chance of ciguatera, a food-borne sickness attributable to consuming reef fish. Ciguatoxins are created by algaes, that are then consumed by small fish, that are, in flip, eaten by bigger fish. Since barracuda are the apex predators on the reef, and the toxins grow to be concentrated of their flesh and viscera by means of a course of known as biomagnification. Though ciguatera is never deadly, it could actually trigger gastrointestinal and neurological issues. The signs can final for weeks and even years. In the event you do plan to eat a barracuda, smaller fish are much less harmful, and follow consuming simply the meat.

Techniques and Flies
The IGFA all-tackle report barracuda was caught at Christmas Island in 2012 and weighed in at 87 kilos, three ounces, however most fish focused by fly fishers on the flats are appreciable smaller. Rods from 9-weight by means of 12-weight gives you sufficient leverage to battle massive fish, and naturally you’ll want a wire chief. The important thing to retrieve is pace: the quicker, the higher.

Barracuda feed virtually solely on different fish, so lengthy, slim baitfish patterns are your greatest decisions. Due to their sturdy jaws and tooth, the fish will bend gentle hooks and shred poorly constructed flies. So be sure that your hooks are sturdy, the factors are razor sharp, and use patterns that incorporate a stinger hook each time doable. You don’t want to fret about matching the hatch, however carry a wide range of colours, similar to chartreuse, black, red-over-white, and pearl.

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